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Price List

We at AJS Photographic specialise in school photography, therefore we have learnt what parents like and expect from their school photos and we will offer just that. We have various different photograph packs which have proven to be very popular combinations. In addition to this we have given schools more control over prices and commissions.

Individual packs

Commission %

Mix and Match Pack
£30.00 £35.00
£25.00 £29.50
£21.00 £25.00
£14.50 £18.00
£12.50 £15.00
£11.50 £14.00
£8.50 £9.50
£20.00 £24.00
Gift Pack
£14.50 £14.50
Digital Download
£15.00 £16.50
For schools and nurseries with 150 or under on roll 15% commission will be given on 20% prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can we expect to have our photographs delivered?

We allow 10 working days to collect orders and a further 10 working days to process orders and have them delivered back to the school.

What happens if a parent loses their proof card?

Please email us at to request an e-proof.

What payment types do you accept?

We now only accept online payments (debit/credit card) 

A photograph has come back scratched or damaged, what should we do?

The parent will need to return the photograph back to us with the proof card and their address and we will send out a new print straight away.

A parent has missed the deadline to get their order form back, can they still order?

All late orders are now dealt with online. The parent will need to follow instructions on their order proof. Postage fees will apply.

Can I mix photographs within packs?

Yes, please see our mix and match options.

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